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West Virginia Cancer Resources: A Patient’s Guide

A useful tool especially for the newly diagnosed cancer patient. Written in easy-to-read language, the guide contains information on a variety of national and state resources available to West Virginia cancer patient.

Advocating for Chronic Disease Management and Prevention 2011

This report presents data on the current state of chronic disease in West Virginia, as well as the most recent data available on the socioeconomic and behavioral risk factors that contribute to the development of chronic conditions among our residents. (See Appendix B for more information on the methodologies used to derive the data in the report.) Many of these risk factors are preventable; the course of chronic illness in West Virginia can be changed. The report also includes a discussion of the direction the Division of Health Promotion and Chronic Disease and its partners will take to reverse the toll of chronic disease on our citizens and our economy. The challenge lies in creating an integrated approach at the state level aimed at addressing the fact that many individuals in our state suffer from more than one chronic illness or condition and have more than one risk factor for these diseases. Coordination between our state resources and those of our partners is essential in effectively meeting this challenge.

West Virginia Screening Barriers Action Plan

This plan identifies the top screening barriers and strategies for overcoming these barriers for the following cancers: Breast, Cervical and Colorectal. This plan was developed by the Early Detection Subcommittee of the Mountains of Hope Cancer Coalition in 2012.

West Virginia Cancer Screening Facilities List

The West Virginia Cancer Screening Facilities List is a compilation of information. The publication contains a wealth of information including cancer facts and myths, cancer screening recommendations, and a listing of locations where free or low cost cancer screening services may be provided.

WV Cancer Support Groups

Transportation Providers' Directory
West Virginia Tobacco Cessation Contacts  
The West Virginia Cancer Plan
Quick Reference Guide
A shorter version of the Cancer Plan. Includes the challenges, goals, and objectives from the Plan's main sections; Prevention, Early Detection, and Quality of Life.
WVCCP Evaluation Plan 2007-2012
A 5 year evaluation plan for the WV Comprehensive Cancer Program. Includes evaluation plans for assessing progress of the program, the partnerships (including Mountains of Hope), and the WV Cancer Plan
2007-2008 Evaluation Report and Progress Report
2009-2010 Evaluation Report

WV Cancer Coalitions  

Mountains of Hope: West Virginia’s Comprehensive Cancer Control Coalition - Membership Application.
Join the partnership in the fight against cancer. Membership is free!
Lance’s Champions - Financial Assistance Application
Eligible applicants are cancer survivors and community advocates interested in participating in Mountains of Hope activities, but lack organizational support to attend.

Health Promotion and Chronic Disease
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