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Tips for Staying Active in Winter

Staying active during the cold months of winter can be hard, but it is very important.  Physical activity can improve your mood, boost your immunity to some illnesses, and help prevent and manage chronic disease. 
These tips can help you remain active, and so can our newest video, The State of Health - Jan 2016 starring our Director, Jessica Wright and West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources Secretary, Karen Bowling.
Get started!  Warm-Up Exercises 

​Make it easy!

Walking is a good place to start.

While at your desk - stand up during online webinars and while reviewing emails.  
Instead of sending e-mails, talk to your co-workers in person. 
Stand up and move around while on phone calls. 
Ask about using a standing desk. 
Hold walk-and-talk meetings (inside if necessary).
Park farther away from the employee entrance. 
​Use the steps when possible.



Make it fun!   

Get family and friends involved.  

Join a trail club.
Find walking groups in your area.
Play in the snow with your kids, friends, or pet.
Find a location to walk indoors.  Some malls and large stores have time set aside to allow people to walk in a secure, well-lit area.
Make activity a tradition.  Play basketball or an active game of charades on holidays.
Celebrate special occasions with an activity instead of a meal.
Play music when you’re in the kitchen and dance around while you are cooking and cleaning up.



Use your creativity!

 A few tips to help get started.  


Do a push up every time your favorite team scores a point.

Place your treadmill or exercise bike in front of the TV and exercise while watching your favorite show.
Layer up for warmth and walk outside.
Join an exercise class (Zumba, spin, etc.).
Check your favorite streaming service.  Many have workout videos you can view as part of your subscription.
Try out a new exercise DVD from the library.
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