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Healthy Lifestyles Coalition

The WV Healthy Lifestyles Coalition was created by the passage of the West Virginia Legislature’s House Bill 2816 on April 9, 2005. The legislation provided Key Requirements to be completed, including the creation of the WV Clinical Advisory Committee (CAC). This advisory board assures the latest research is incorporated into program development.
As per HB 2816, the mission of the WV Healthy Lifestyles Coalition is to:
  • Assure consistency of the public health and private sector approach to dealing with programs that address the problems that affect overweight and obese individuals 
  • Provide a forum for discussing the issues that affect healthy lifestyles; and
  • Identify best practices that can be replicated.
The Coalition developed “Fulfilling Our Charge” to provide a comprehensive roadmap for their initial Action Plan 2006-2008. The Plan contains the general direction to follow for activities to be completed over time and specific actions that are expected to be accomplished during the next two years. The Plan identifies four major goals the Coalition’s work will cover. Within each goal, guiding objectives and strategies have been developed. The Coalition utilizes an implementation action plan to track and monitor each of these strategies.
West Virginia Healthy Lifestyles Coalition “Fulfilling Our Charge” Action Plan 2006-2008
Health Promotion and Chronic Disease
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