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Special Events

Opening Ceremony

WV DHHR Cabinet Secretary Karen L. Bowling will kick off the conference.

Skill Building Sessions 

Skill-building sessions usually occur over many time periods and provide in-depth knowledge introducing a new skill or technique providing an opportunity for hands-on practice by those attending. Because of the extended length, most Skill-Building Sessions approach the content by employing a range of adult learning strategies, including opportunities for peer-discussion and/or trying out what you have learned. Examples of hands-on practice might include: role-playing or working through a case study with sample data. To learn more follow this link selecting the right learning opportunity.

Online & Internet Use - Resources & Dangers

A free event open to the public to educate families on staying informed and getting involved to make sure children know the risks, as well as the rewards, of the internet.  Two seperate sessions will be offered for youth and adults.

When: Tuesday, September 22, 2015 | 6:00 pm

Where: Charleston Civic Center | Little Theater (Youth) | Room 103 (Adults)

Templeton Thompson

A free concert event open to the public celebrating Recovery Month.

You can find her songs on million-selling CD's from country superstars Reba McEntire, Jo Dee Messina and Little Texas. Her song, “Settle Down Cinderella” is featured in the 20th Century Fox Motion Picture, “Dr. Doolittle 3.” Templeton has been featured in Cowboys & Indians Magazine as well as in Western Horseman, which included her in “an eclectic list of cowboy artists and songs, old and new, that warrant a look and listen.” Even fellow recording artist Clay Walker is a fan, “A vulnerable, yet believable voice this pure needs to be heard on the radio. Templeton is one of the TRUE undiscovered talents.” Music Row Magazine's Robert K. Oermann says "Templeton Thompson, love the name. It sounds like the moniker of a star. And, happily, her zesty vocal sounds star-like, too...The catches and breaks in her soprano are as ear-catching as the lilting melody.”

Templeton is one of Nashville's sought-after session vocalists having sung countless demos as well as background vocals for major label artists. She has performed on stage for audiences across the US, in Europe and in Japan.​

When: Wednesday, September 23, 2015 | 6:00 pm

Where: Charleston Civic Center | Little Theater

Self-Care Opportunities

Beginnings with work of Freud, who attributed patient’s maladaptive behavior to histories of trauma, to the ACE study (1994 – 1997), demonstrating the role of childhood trauma on health; much work has been completed on the role of trauma and health and wellness. Additionally, there has been a substantial amount of speculation on the role of “self-healing” techniques in the reintegration of mind, body and spirit, shattered by trauma. In his book, “Healing Invisible Wounds: Paths to Hope and Recovery in a Violent World”, Richard F. Mollica (2006) discusses the healing that can take place by bringing the mind and body back into alignment through these self-healing techniques. Also, termed, “complementary and alternative medicine”, these approaches are a part of conventional medicinal practices in other parts of the world but are being increasingly being explored as an adjunct to traditional therapy in the United States. These techniques appear to shift the individual's perspective in a way that counteracts psychopathological processes and, when coupled with more traditional therapy such as cognitive - behavioral principles, appear to affect significant change. 88% of Veterans centers, report using these types of approaches in conjunction with traditional therapy for PTSD. Guided imagery, mindfulness, progressive muscle relaxation, yoga, Emotional Freedom Techniques and stress management/relaxation are gaining popularity in the treatment of trauma and recovery from addictions. Also, appearing in the literature is work using Acupuncture, Meditation, Movement Therapy (i.e. Tai Chi, dance), Native American Healing Circles and Therapeutic Drumming.

Based on the research, this years Integrated Behavioral Health Conference will integrate some of these approaches into the fabric of the conference to expose conference participants to free “snippets” of these approaches. Not only will this give conference attendees a needed break in a quiet area away from the conference sessions but will expose them to techniques that they can use with their clients. The “Self-Care Area” will allow attendees to experience mind-body approaches such as acupuncture, massage, drumming, Tai Chi, Mediation/Relaxation as well as an opportunity to share their own story of recovery through creative expression and more traditional means such as 12 step meetings. A schedule of events will be posted in multiple areas of the conference venue and at the registration counter.


Book Store & Signing Event

The Journeys of Life on-site book store will provide conference attendees with resources, gifts, and inspiration to explore personal growth, life issues, spirituality and alternatives needed by all who travel this Journey called Life. Journeys offers a quiet haven during a hectic fast-paced event to those who need time to regroup and relax.

During the 2015 conference, attendees will be fortunate to hear national speakers who are also well known authors. These individuals will be signing purchased books outside of the bookstore on the day that they are speaking. A schedule will be posted outside of the bookstore displaying author availability.

Recovery Celebration

An evening of fun, fellowship and great music is planned for Wednesday, September 23. Beginning at 5:00 pm specialized exhibitors will begin sharing their recovery resources. One of our own, Randy Housh, will begin warming up the crowd with laughter and song. The main event will include Templeton Thompson, singer/songwriter from Nashville who with her husband will entertain the group through a concert. Following the concert, popcorn and a movie—The Anonymous People will be offered to allow conference goers to relax and reenergize and prepare for Day 3 of the Integrated Behavioral Health Conference.


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