Approved Infant Formula Distributors

As required by Federal Regulations §246.12(g)(11), the West Virginia WIC Program must provide a list in writing, or by other effective means, to all authorized WIC retail vendors of the names and addresses of infant formula wholesalers, distributors, and retailers licensed in the State, and infant formula manufacturers registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that provide infant formula. 
A West Virginia WIC Vendor may provide only the authorized infant formula which the vendor has obtained from a source included on the approved list - West Virginia Approved Infant Formula Distributors and Suppliers - to WIC customers in exchange for food benefits specifying infant formula.
In addition, per Article 47 of the Vendor Agreement, West Virginia WIC Authorized Vendors must maintain and make available, upon request, purchasing records which show the source and date of purchase of all WIC approved formula.  Please ensure these purchasing records match the manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor or retailer reported on your store’s most recent application.   Keep in mind, according to Article 10 of the Vendor Agreement, a West Virginia WIC Authorized Vendor must notify the Vendor Management Unit within 30 days if the primary source of WIC approved infant formula changes from what was reported at the time of application. 
If the wholesaler or distributor utilized by your store is not included on the approved list, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding the rules and regulations of the West Virginia WIC Program, please contact the West Virginia WIC Program’s Vendor Management Unit by telephone at (304) 558-1115 or by email at