The West Virginia WIC Vendor Management System is an online portal available for an owner or authorized representative to complete and submit an application for each store location for which your business is seeking WIC authorization.  Applications are currently being accepted, and you may find more application resources here.  Submitting an application does not guarantee authorization.  Each business will receive written notice about receipt of the application as well as our decision regarding the application.


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Vendor Annual Training


The West Virginia WIC Program is required to offer training to WIC Authorized stores on an annual basis.  The Annual Training Newsletter covers the ten (10) required elements set forth in the federal regulations

Annual training cannot be completed on a corporate level.  For each store, the manager or trainer must acknowledge the training newsletter has been read by completing the survey included with the Annual Training Newsletter. Per federal regulations (7CFR Ch.II, §246(h)(B)(xii)), “the vendor must inform and train cashiers and other staff on program requirements,” so please share this information with all store employees involved with WIC.  You may also consider posting a copy of the training newsletter in a central location, and including a copy in your Vendor Handbook for future reference and training purposes. 

All training is to be completed by April 30, 2020.

Vendor Materials Order Form

Vendor materials required by the West Virginia Program may be ordered direct using an order form which may be emailed or mailed to the Vendor Management Unit.

Vendor Handbook

The Vendor Handbook is an addendum to and incorporated into the Vendor Agreement.  WIC Authorized Vendors must adhere to all information provided in the most recent edition of the Vendor Handbook to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations, rules, policies and procedures.

Complaint Form

Any owner, manager, or employee may report an incident, a specific action or occurrence which may violate the laws and rules pertaining to WIC.  This includes WIC customers':

  • attempting to exchange or actually exchanging the eWIC benefit card, food or formula for cash or other items of value, to other persons or entities;
  • attempting to receive or actually receiving cash or credit from vendors toward purchase of unauthorized food or other items of value in lieu of authorized supplemental foods;
    threatening or actually displaying physical abuse of vendor staff or vendor property which includes throwing something in the direction of vendor staff;
  • substituting or attempting to substitute unauthorized foods with the eWIC benefit card;
  • exchanging or attempting to exchange food or formula purchased with the eWIC benefit card for unauthorized food or formula;
  • purchasing or attempting to purchase unauthorized food items not in WIC categories, such as soda and chips;
  • purchasing or attempting to purchase non-food items with the eWIC benefit card;
  • giving away foods or formula purchased with the eWIC benefit card to other persons or entities; and
  • verbally abusing or harassing vendor staff which includes throwing something though it is not directed toward vendor staff.

The complaint form can be mailed to the address at the top of the form or emailed to

Appeals Request

The WIC Program will provide a hearing procedure for any vendor adversely affected by an action or decision by the State Agency as outlined in Policy and Procedure 8.06 Fair Hearing Policy for Vendors.  The vendor must use the Appeals Request form to request a fair hearing.  No other form or method of requesting a fair hearing will be accepted in lieu of this form.

Resignation Form

Except when a sanction action is pending, vendors may terminate an Agreement at any time upon thirty (30) days written notice to the West Virginia WIC Program.  Failure to notify the West Virginia WIC Program at least thirty (30) days prior to such termination could result in denial of any future application for participation by the vendor.  The resignation form may also be used to notify the West Virginia WIC Program of change in ownership or cessation of operation.  WIC authorization is non-transferable so if ownership changes the current Vendor Agreement will be terminated, and the store will be unable to accept eWIC benefits.

UPC Request Form

The West Virginia WIC Program offers vendors the opportunity to add products to the Authorized Product List (APL) year round, with the exception of cereal, juice, bread, buns, tortillas, pasta, and yogurt, which may only be submitted for consideration during the product application period every two years in May.  Requests for all other products may be submitted using the Universal Product Code (UPC) Request form by email to, by fax to 304-558-1541 or by mail to the address on the form.