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Provider Tools - Developmental Tool Kit

Developmental Tools

Screening Tool Full Name Age Group Completed By Cost Tools
ASQ 3 Ages and Stages Questionnaires
3rd Edition
1 Month-5½ Years Parent $$ Available to purchase 
on web site
ALARM Autism ALARM   Provider Public Domain
No Charge
Autism ALARM Algorithm
CRAFFT Acronym: Car, Relax, Alone, Forget, Friends, Trouble; screening for substance abuse 14 +
Youth Copyright by Children's Hospital
No Charge
CRAFFT Screen or
Self-Administered CRAFFT
Reproduced with permission by CRAFFT
M-CHAT-R/F Modified Checklist for
Autism in Toddlers
16-30 Months Parent Copyright by
Diana Robins,
Deborah Fein,and
Marianne Barton
No Charge
MCHAT Instructions and M-CHAT  Follow-up available on web site
PSC Pediatric Symptom Checklist 4-16
Parent Public Domain
No Charge
PSC or Pictorial PSC
Y-PSC Pediatric Symptom Checklist-Youth Report 11 +
Youth Public Domain
No Charge

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